So Many Teenage Troubles In The World Today

Teenagers of today are under so much pressure these days. Peer pressure or existential anxiety, you take the pick of the problems these kids of today are under. Good parents they may be but they are helpless in the main. That’s the trouble with teenagers, especially the boys. They just don’t want to open up and talk. Or maybe they can’t. Parents do not know what to make of these kids. But let them try. Therapists down at the teenage depression kirkland center certainly do.

They have been specially trained to deal with today’s troubled teenagers. They are more than familiar with the millennial existential existence. From the volunteering caregiver to the most qualified (and experienced) clinical psychiatrist, they have the gifts of the gab in terms of getting troubled teenagers, especially the boys, to open up. Why then has focus been placed on the boys? Well, for one thing, they’re like their fathers.

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And that’s still a positive thing. The fathers of these troubled boys are essentially good men. They have good habits, setting good examples for their sons to follow. And that’s just the thing. While the young adults ape their fathers, they just do not know how to replicate them, meet up to their own high standards. And that’s also where the trouble starts. The pressure starts to build and before you know it, the disappointment sets in.

No, most good fathers are not disappointed. You’re still my boy, is what they all say. The disappointment is on the side of the troubled teenager. The thing about boys and their fathers is this. They are still men, young and old. Call it a curse of human nature, but isn’t it still true that men don’t talk about their feelings like their female peers would.